Seamless Eavesthrough

Eavesthrough help to save your home from major headaches, they prevent seepage in the foundation and roof by collecting and directing rainwater from the building, they run along the bottom of the roof ad provide a protection to the rafters. Seamless aluminum eavestrough is a huge improvement over traditional sectional eavestrough. Seamless eliminates the possibility of leaking due to poorly joined segments by being extruded online all in one piece!

Seamless allows you to forget about that worry of water dripping from your gutters, freezing and then resulting in slippery walkways, stairs or patios.

We offer the Alu-Rex leaf catcher equipped with self sealing screws to eliminate as many problems as we possibly can with traditional gutters. These allow the eavesthroughs to last longer, look better and perform flawlessly.

This design acts as a protection from the natures and also as a UV shield from the sealants helping with reducing leaks.

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